Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who is your choice for Energy Secretary?

As this is written, we are exactly one week away from electing a new President of the United States of America. Regardless of who wins, it is critically important for the oil and gas industry and for America to adopt a comprehensive energy policy that includes an emphasis on developing domestic oil and gas reserves.

At this time, neither Barack Obama nor John McCain favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve (ANWR), although both say they favor greater exploitation of our natural resources. We hope that whichever candidate is elected will see the need to establish a plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports in part by encouraging energy companies to drill and produce more petroleum from our abundant onshore and offshore oil and gas fields.
The new President will set energy policy for the next four years, but it is the Secretary of Energy who implements the plan. It is essential to have a strong person with a deep knowledge of the industry in this job.

Here are a few names being discussed:
• Congressman Joe Barton (R-Tex), ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee;
• Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee;
• Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex), who has said she will not run for re-election to the US Senate;
• Congressman Gene Green (D-Houston), vice chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee;
• Former US Sen. John Breaux (D-La), a conservative Democrat and strong advocate for the oil and gas industry;
• Various high-profile members of the energy industry, including Chesapeake Energy Chairman and CEO Aubrey McClendon and investment banker Matt Simmons of Simmons & Co. International.

My question to you today: Who would you like to see become the next Secretary of Energy and why?


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